Tandem Skydive  $225/cash  $235 CC

Outside video with pictures          $100/cash or CC

Handcam video with pictures    $75/cash  or CC  

Outside and handcam video with pictures $125 cash or CC

Handcam Pictures only $50 cash or CC

On booking, we require a $25 deposit to hold your scheduled time.

Our cash price is honored if remainder of balance is paid in cash on the day of the jump.


outside video example

This is an example of what we call outside video.  A videographer will jump along side of you for your free fall.  The goal is to capture your exit, the freefall and canopy opening, as well as your landing.


Handcam video example

A brief view of handcam perspective.  Your tandem master will wear a camera capturing your freefall and canopy ride.


outside video with handcam

Our History

We do offer a package that includes both outside video with handcam as well.  This gives the most comprehensive view of your jump.

We encourage waiting unitl the day of your jump to decide what options may be best for you.  Any questions, just ask.