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Just Jump Skydiving

Call or Email to arrange a Christmas Gift Certificate that is redeemable for a skydive this upcoming season.

We expect to jump New Years Eve and New Years day.

End/Start the new year off with a Jump, now who else can say thats how their year ended or started???

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Why Skydive with us?

We jump from 10,000 feet!

Your safety is our primary concern.
Open year round(weather permitting)
All our Instructor are USPA Certified with years of experience.
We have no hidden fee's. ( beware of Groupon)
Stunning views of the Catskills and surrounding area.
We treat each jumper like family
All tandems must be at least 18 yrs of age, and 240 lbs or under.



Tandem Skydive  $235/cash  $245 CC

Outside video with pictures          $100/cash or CC

Handcam video with pictures    $75/cash  or CC  

Outside and handcam video with pictures $150 cash or CC

Handcam Pictures only $50 cash or CC

On booking, we require a $35 deposit to hold your scheduled time.

Our cash price is honored if remainder of balance is paid in cash on the day of the jump.

Decision for video/pictures can be made at time of jump.


Party of 4 gets a $60  discount for the group

Party of 6 gets a $90 discount for the group

We also off a $10 discount for Military with ID.

Only one discount may be used at a time.

Just Jump Skydiving is a family run Skydiving Center designed to share the love of our sport with others.  We have close to twenty years jumping experience, and still have the love of every jump as if it was our first day.  Just Jump Skydiving offers tandem skydiving with the option for outside video, personal perspective video, fun jumping for licensed skydivers and a place to practice classic accuracy. 

We request either online appointment, or phone call to reserve tandem jumps.  

Make your reservation for a skydive today!

Do you want to make a skydive?

Tandem Skydiving is the safest introductory way to make a skydive! All our instructors are USPA rated tandem masters with 15+ years of experience.  Your safety is our primary concern.

We are located just outside of Norwich NY.  We are located at the Lt Warren Eaton Airport.

We offer tandem skydiving for the first time jumper, advanced training for those that want to get their license, and fun jumping for licensed jumpers.

Our goal is to make your jump as enjoyable and exhilarating as we can.   

For licensed skydivers, we have two large grass  landing areas.  We welcome all disciplines, including classic accuracy, wing suits, crew, and relative work.

We start at 10AM, and welcome "walk ins" on the weekend.  Midweek by appt only.


Handcam example

We offer two different video / picture options.  This is an example of what handcam (or others refer to as personal perspective) video would  look like.  The camera is worn and operated by your tandem skydive instructor.
We also offer the option to have both handcam and outside video done by arrangement.  You don't need to make your choice today, we can add this at the time of your jump if you choose to capture the jump on film.

Outside perspective video

These are pictures taken from a videographer that will jump along side of you during freefall.  We capture video and pictures of your freefall.  This will also include pictures prior to takeoff, and your landing.

 Who we are

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tandem freefall skydiver parachuting oneonta utica new york
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John and Kathleen "K"

Together we have over 9000 jumps, and have been jumping together for about  20 years.  We started jumping in 2002, and have never stopped.

We both are USPA Tandem Masters, coaches and IAD instructors.  

This is our passion, not our "job", and our goal is to try to make you love the sport as much as we do.



John is a USPA Tandem Instructor, Senior FAA Rigger, with a focused discipline in classic accuracy skydiving.  

John is a senior rigger for those that need reserve repacks.

He is often found training in classic accuracy, and continues to compete in National And World events.

Our planes

We jump from 2 Cessna 182's.  We carry four jumpers to altitude in about 20 minutes.   On the ride to 10,000' above the ground, you will have a scenic view of upstate NY like no other.


First Skydive?
What should you expect?

Tandem skydive information

Our jump plane is a Cessna 182, this is the most common skydiving plane in the industry.  

When you first arrive, we will have you go thru registration, and first jump training.  Once ready for the jump, expect about a 25 minute scenic plane ride up the surrounding region.  

Yes, you are free falling at 120 mph, so please dress accordingly.  If it is warm, short sleeve shirts are fine, but we recommend pants, and sneakers.

There is an age limit of 18 - so if you are under the age of 25, ensure you have ID on you.

The weight limit is 240 lbs.

The deposit price is nonrefundable, but date can be changed as needed if requested at least 24 hours in advance.  If a refund is needed, we refund the amount minus the credit card processing service fee.


Licensed Skydiver Information

all disciplines welcomed, as long as you respect all canopies flying.

Call to ensure we are flying.  We will fly with as few as three fun jumpers present.

Senior Rigger available

  1. reserve repacks 

  2. main packing class/instruction as needed

  3. minor canopy repair

  4. BASE friendly services 

reserve picture.jpg

Prices for Licenced Jumpers

We charge two rates:

basically high or low jump

hop and pop up to 4000'   $18.00

jump at 10,000'  $25.oo