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Student progression 

First Jump Course

Step 1

This is designed to prepare you for independent skydiving.  This includes planning a safe skydive and how to handle emergencies that might arise.  In the most common path pf progression, you will make an introductory skydive before this course. During this course you will be taught and demonstrate the skills needed for learning how to skydive. Then you will do the advanced tandem. 

Accelerated Free Fall

During these jumps you will jump with a USPA certifced AFF instructor,  These are the first "solo" jumps from 10,000'.  You will build upon your skills first learning to hold a good body position, and doing stable turns, then advancing to doing turns, barrel rolls and flips.

Advanced Tandem 

Step 2

After your first jump course, you will go up for an advanced tandem jump.  During this jump you will demonstrate proper body position, altitude awareness, control checks for the parachute, and fly an appropriate flight plan to safely land (with the assistance of your tandem instructor).

Coach /Solo Jumps

Coach jumps or solo jumps are where you practice learned skills and add more skills needed to jump with others, docking, adjusting fall rates, and having feed back from a coach during the jump.

Instructor Assisted

Deployment   Step 3

After your advanced tandem, you will go up for an IAD jump.  This jump has you exiting the plane at about 4500', with your instructor assisting with opening the parachute as you let go of the plane. This give you jumps to practice and focus on flying your parachute.


First Jump course and Advanced tandem ------ $250

IAD Jumps ---$80/jump

AFF jumps 

Single instructor -___$150/jump

Two instructor ---- $200/jump

Coach jumps ----$80

Solo jumps ---$50

It takes a minimum of 25 jumps to get licensed.

All students will need to obtain a USPA membership prior to advancing to IAD Jumps.


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